Child To Champion

CHP’s Online Athletic Development Programmes | Infographic

With the current climate and situation we all find ourselves in it is absolutely crucial that we stay focused mentally and physically. With work, school and our routines unavoidably distorted it will be very easy for us creatures of habit to become inactive. With that in mind, we firmly believe that all situations where possible should be seen as an opportunity to develop further…

Coming this week we will roll out our programmes for those that want to continue on the path of the relentless pursuit of better 💪…

1. Mobility Matters: a progressive movement program for everyone to keep key joints, connective tissue and movement patterns maximised.

2. Body Weight Solutions: A program perfect for the home where just bodyweight is required.

3. Strength and Power Template: For the home garage gym, an opportunity to keep those strength and power gains coming.

4. Keep the Speed: With fixtures cancelled this will serve all those that play sport really well. Linear speed, change of direction and conditioning templates will be available.

Keep your eyes peeled!