Child To Champion

Child to Champion

A youth athletic development programme aimed at 10-18 year olds. The programme curriculum provides every child with the perfect physical and mental springboard for improved sports performance, reduced injury likelihood, and skills for life.


Child to Champion is a Long Term Athlete Development programme (LTAD) perfect for any 10-18 yr old child looking to maximise their physical and psychological development. The programme allows each child to develop key physical skills needed to excel in sport, life and beyond. It really is an opportunity for every child to become the best version of themselves. Each child is supported every step of the way and with regular performance monitoring, appropriate progress is made in a safe and positive environment. The programme currently runs in two locations: Truro & Exeter.

The Programme

The programme itself follows an established curriculum and is based around three key pillars… Foundation, development, high performance. The idea is that over your child’s time with us, we move them through this curriculum – equipping them with the tools to boost performance and minimise injury, and way more! Every session is managed by our own highly qualified and experienced Strength and Conditioning coach, who holds a degree in S&C and is an accredited coach with the  UKSCA. Your child really will be in the best possible environment to learn, develop and grow under expert guidance.


The ongoing curriculum runs for fifty one weeks a year with a break at Christmas, and the requirement is that each child make a minimum of one session a week where possible. Consistency is king with any form of development and turning up regularly will ensure accelerated development across the board and an opportunity to build lasting positive habits, skills, and knowledge.


Youth sport participation is at an all time high and we see it a necessity to give youngsters the opportunity to develop the all important physical skills to underpin and support not only their activity levels but also the onset of growth and maturation, which can be a very challenging time for any child. 

The curriculum at Child To Champion delivers and develops the following:

The Physical

The Mental

What Child To Champion provides for both the child and parents.

Youth Athlete Pathway

Our long-term athlete curriculum suits 10-18 year olds from any sporting background, and follows a foundation, development, high performance theme. Our coaches are responsible for creating healthy, robust youngsters who want nothing more but longevity in their chosen sports. Long term athlete development (LTAD) refers to the habitual progress of athleticism.

Performance Monitoring

Quarterly performance testing to monitor maturation and physical improvements in fitness are a staple on the program. This ensures your child is always improving appropriately and progressing as expected along our LTAD curriculum.

Highest Standard of Coaching

With years of experience and a UKSCA accreditation (Uk governing body for athlete development) your child is in the best hands possible for appropriate long-term development. With an evidence-based approach, every aspect of youth athlete development is taken into consideration. Our progressive curriculum transports your young athlete along a pathway to higher performance.

Sports Nutrition For The Youth Athlete

Continuous education on all thing’s nutrition. What to eat, what not to eat and how to prepare healthy snacks and meals to support activity and life. We regularly educate not only the athletes themselves, but parents also with the use of verbal and written correspondence.

Athlete Development Hub

Our private facility is equipped with everything we need to do the work we do, in turn developing and nurturing healthy youth athletes to perform at their best. The hub can hold eight youngsters, this ensures a fantastic coach to athlete ratio. (1 coach to 4 athletes)

Parent Community Group

Correspondence with all parents is high on our list of priorities, and a private parent only Facebook group allows us to regularly interact and engage. Useful topics and points of interest as well as day to day logistics are continually passed on to allow complete transparency at all times.

Why Youth Athletic Development Is Important

 In years gone by strength training has been regarded by many as an unsafe activity for youth populations, with badly designed and misunderstood data and research stemming from the ‘60’s and 70’s largely to blame. However, more recent findings support the use of resistance training methods to support the youth athlete during a potentially difficult time physically – through their adolescent years when peak height and peak weight velocity (maturation) can play havoc with movement capability.


A sound programme like ‘Child to Champion’ allows children to access quality training built round evidence based sound principles, with qualified practitioners in a completely safe and appropriate environment. All athletes then have an opportunity build themselves into robust, resilient individuals who can cope with the high demands of their sport and life with a much-reduced chance of injury.

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