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Bulletproof Hamstrings Bucket-list | Infographic

If you check out our other blog posts we have one written purely around bulletproofing the hamstrings. It’s no secret that this area is susceptible to injury, and completely negating the risk is always going to be difficult but there’s a whole heap of things that we can implement to reduce that risk. The infographic ticks off our ‘bucket-list’ for doing just that. Iso work… Think loaded glute bridge holds. Eccentric/Concentric…. Heavy deadlifts, hip thrusts, nordics. Strength Speed… Ply lifts, swings etc. Deceleration… GHR drop catch’s. Speed… Acceleration and top speed sprinting. If you’re a recreational field/court based athlete employ training either side of just strength work and definitely learn to sprint as this can be a game-changer. Hit us up if you need some help!