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Adolescent Awkwardness

It’s imperative that the information on peak height velocity is understood by coaches (physical prep) parents, and technical/sports coaches. Feel free to read our blog post which covers this really interesting topic. As coaches of a large number of youth athletes we have a duty to monitor growth and understand the effects it can have

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Injuries Are Oppurtunities

There’s not one week that goes by when one or more of our youth crew rolls into training with an injury. They vary from very mild niggles to limb breaks. However, regardless of injury (in most cases), we insist and encourage the guys to maintain consistency and commitment by continuing to train. Very often some

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Early Sports Specialisation

Early sports specialisation is something that is fairly common in younger athletes with the thought process that specialising early will equal a better chance of success in the future. Whilst there is some truth in this, especially as athletes get older, it definitely comes with its downsides. The above infographic shows that the more someone

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