Child To Champion

Adolescent Awkwardness

It’s imperative that the information on peak height velocity is understood by coaches (physical prep) parents, and technical/sports coaches. Feel free to read our blog post which covers this really interesting topic. As coaches of a large number of youth athletes we have a duty to monitor growth and understand the effects it can have on movement and power to weight ratio…. In a nutshell, a potentially less coordinated slower performing child that is now at a greater risk of injury. It is an absolutely non-negotiable measure that needs to be constantly assessed in our eyes. PHV to the uninformed can often be misread as an individual not trying, lacking intent or lacking ‘fitness’ when actually it’s anything but. The solution to it? 

1. Allow your child to access quality S&C with skilled practitioners at an early age (pre-PHV) so fundamental movement can be learnt and strength /athletic qualities can be layered in progressively. 

2. Continue the above process throughout their adolescence.