Child To Champion

The Performance Pyramid | Infographic

Hey guys! From now on, every Monday we’ll be sharing with you an infographic relevant to fitness and what we do here at Child To Champion. To start off this week, we are showing you the simple yet very important Performance Pyramid. We have two pyramids which explain the importance of Skill, Performance and Movement in the training of our young athletes – one showing what we should be doing and another to show what we actually see being done.

Take a look at the pyramid above, which is an example of what we want to see. Good movement underpins everything we do as humans/athletes. The bigger and deeper the base, the higher the peak. Your movement encyclopedia should contain as many pages as possible – think of it using this analogy.
Next we have performance. Strength, power, speed, agility and co-ordination, can only be developed once we have achieved good movement skills. The cherry on top of the pyramid is the sport, or the skill.

However, the pyramid above shows what we actually see, and are combatting to stop. All too often the pyramid is upside down. This is caused by excess amount of sport and not a wide enough base of movement – meaning that performance can’t be trained to its full capacity. It’s important to understand which way round this pyramid goes, if you want to improve as an athlete and avoid injury.