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Intensity Volume Relationship | Infographic

Volume is inversely related to intensity, much like force and velocity. So, if we employ high training volume then we know intensity will be low and vice versa. It’s probably safe to say that the age-old view of ‘let’s just do more and we’ll get better’ is still currently utilised cross many populations, both in the gym, down the track, and out on the field or court. Whilst this may work for a time the accumulative effect without adequate recovery and load reduction has the potential for poor results, overtraining or injury. Moving on to intensity, much like volume there is a caveat to it. Intensity is a variable that we aim to increase over time but the single most important factor here is recovery. To repeat a high-intensity effort in a rep, set, session or even game /competition you’ll need generally a long amount of recovery otherwise this training variable is negatively affected.