Child To Champion

Child to Champion: September 2019

For two and a half years now, we have been running our successful youth athlete program, “Child to Champion”(find out more here). Over 60 young people from varied sporting and non-sporting backgrounds have been able to develop themselves physically and mentally on our programme and as a result, they perform at a higher level. 

What changes have we seen?

  • Improvements in self-confidence, accountability and focus to get better in all aspects of sport and life!

  • Relationships built with other like-minded young people of similar ages.

  • Improvements in movement, strength and power.

  • Reduction in injury rates and an increase in performance levels, both within the classroom and their chosen sports.

We believe that appropriate mental and physical development should be plumbed in as early as possible to build resilient and robust individuals. This then in turn helps them to cope with the demands of their sport, or to simply improve their physical competence, leading to more active and healthier lives. This is precisely what we aim to accomplish with our Child to Champion programme.

What EXACTLY does the programme provide?

  • A 1.5-hour coached session per week tailored towards your child’s individual’s physical needs. We like to stress that this isn\’t just a one size fits all programme!

  • We run 5 sessions across the week, (see timetable here) meaning you can find something that suits you and your schedule.

  • Development of the foundational basics of movement literacy that will improve quality of life, as well as sporting performance and giving a great platform from which to build.

  • A progressive learning environment where your children are challenged to develop as young people and as athletes alongside other driven individuals.

  • A clear pathway of progression will be made evident, should you wish to continue developing your child under the guidance of CHP.

What are the programme requirements?

  • Your child must be aged between 11-18 years old.

  • A want and passion to improve your strength, power, movement and athleticism.

How much does the programme cost?

  • Just £66 per month for 3 months with a free taster session available, that’s 3 months of the HIGHEST quality coaching invested into your child.

When does the programme start?

  • This September, alongside the new 2019/20 academic school year.

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