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Power Training Requirements | Infographic

Whilst good movement quality and strength are paramount, just chasing weight room numbers isn’t enough when it comes to maximising performance. It is totally possible to be strong yet slow. Our top tips for training power can be viewed in the infographic below….

1. To get the most out of power-based training ensure you are fresh and free from fatigue. This will enable intent and therefore force/ velocity to be maximised.

2. A Less is more approach ( low rep high intensity) controls fatigue and ensures high-quality reps can be completed.

3. Adequate recovery is absolutely essential to aid points 1 and 2. Attempting high-velocity high force efforts with insufficient recovery lowers output and increases risk of injury.

4. To elicit maximum intent and accountability, various tools can be used. Competition via the use of velocity measures (push band, gym aware) are very useful as immediate data can be displayed to an individual as performance feedback.

5. Keep it simple stupid… Avoid over-complicated methods that are inappropriate for the level of training age in front of you.

6. Record each effort to continually measure improvements which may therefore dictate variables.